I am only accepting clients in the Chambersburg/Fayetteville, PA and immediate surrounding areas at this time.  Please email me at [email protected] with your address and contact information to see if you are within my coverage area.  In addition, I do not do "Service Dog" training, I specialize in basic good manners training only.

The basic good manners training curriculum covers basic "obedience" skills including attention, sit, down, leave it, trade, come, loose leash walking, and polite greetings.  I offer a special discount on all services for dogs adopted from rescues or shelters.

Private In-home Instruction  
Private lessons offer owners the convenience of training at home with one-on-one attention and instruction. The basic good manners curriculum can be custom designed to meet the needs of you and your dog.  Basic good manners curriculum covered in 4 sessions.

  • Pay by Sesson:  $75/session
  • Prepay for 4-session course:  $250/course

Semi-private Instruction  
Have a friend that wants to train their dog as well? Train together and save! Semi-private classes are a fun and economical alternative to private training for a group of friends that want to work together to train their dogs.  Basic good manners curriculum covered in 4 sessions.

  • Pay by Sesson:  $50/session per dog
  • Prepay for 4-session course:  $175/course per dog

All 4 Paws can help with most common behavior problems like polite greetings, jumping, pulling on leash, destructive chewing, resource guarding, reactivity, and anxiety. Behavior counseling can help you understand your dog's behavior and environment and to manage and change them in positive ways. Behavior counseling is based on the knowledge of canine behavioral science, canine nutrition and wellness, reward-based training and behavior modification methods, and a compassion for dogs and their owners. Behavior counseling does not provide an instant fix for problems, successful behavior requires your time and commitment to helping your dog.  Includes initial visit and follow-up plan, which may or may not require subsequent visits.

Serious behavior disorders or aggression cases WILL be referred to a highly qualified certified behaviorist when indicated.

  • Initial consultation is $90 for up to 90 minute session
  • $75/hour for subsequent follow-up visits
  • **NEW**  phone consultations available when appropriate for $25/hour.  First 15 minutes at no charge to determine if home visit is necessary, will accept PayPal for payment of consultation over 15 minutes.  Payment expected in order to continue call.

Thinking of getting a new best friend? During a pre-adoption counseling session, we will cover your questions regarding:

  1. What breeds or mixes are most compatible with your lifestyle and experience?
  2. Is a puppy or older dog the right choice for you?
  3. What to look for and what are "red flags" in a dog?
  4. How to integrate a new dog into your existing pack?
  5. Bringing a new dog home and what to do to make his transition less stressful.
  6. How to get started with training.
  7. How to help prevent behavioral problems and what to do if problems develop?
  • Cost is $25 per session

I can also accompany you to local animal shelters or breeders to help you pick out your new best friend. If you are interested in a particular dog, I can evaluate the dog to help determine if they would be a safe, compatible, and friendly companion for you and your family. During a behavior assessment, I will use the evaluation tools I have used when completing behavior assessments for shelter dogs that I have coming into my Rescue, which include tests for physical handling as well as resource guarding.

  • Cost is $20/per dog assessed