I am only accepting clients in the Chambersburg/Fayetteville, PA and immediate surrounding areas at this time.  Please email me at [email protected] with your address and contact information to see if you are within my coverage area.  In addition, I do not do "Service Dog" training, my specialty is basic good manners training only.

Bad dog???   All 4 Paws Dog Training can help! 
Whether your dog jumps on guests when they come to visit or your dog pulls you around the block instead of walking politely, we have solutions to these problems and more!

Dogs are opportunists and will repeat behaviors that yield rewards. We will teach you to eliminate unwanted behaviors that have resulted from inadvertent reinforcement or rewarding of their actions. Whether we want to train a new behavior or eliminate an undesirable one, knowing what motivates your dog is key. The art of training involves manipulating the things that motivate your dog to achieve desired behaviors, and reward-based training uses only pleasant consequences such as food, play, and attention, strengthening the bond between you and your dog.

All 4 Paws Dog Training offers in-home instruction for dog and puppy owners. Positive, reward-based methods of training are used without the use of punishment, force, and coercion. No choke chains, no electronic devices, no physical punishment. Only gentle and humane training methods based on strengthening the relationship between you and your dog are used.  Clicker training is used for both dogs and puppies as an effective and positive training method.  

Heather Smith, PMCT is the owner of All 4 Paws Dog Training. Heather has been working with renowned positive trainer Pat Miller since 2009.